Why Activated Pecans?

Activated pecans are a cleaner, healthier pecan that’s easier to digest and full of beneficial nutrients. Have you ever wondered why most snacking nuts are roasted? All nuts contain phytates, which prevent a nut from breaking down until it is in the soil. In order to digest these, the pancreas has to produce a lot of enzymes, which can be too great a burden on your body’s digestive system. The fastest and easiest way to eliminate the phytates is to roast nuts with heat. Unfortunately, this destroys many of the beneficial nutrients found in the raw nut.

Our activation process is to soak the nuts in water, then gently dry them at very low temperatures. This method takes longer to remove the phytates, but it results in a tender, crisp nut that has retained all of its vital micro-nutrients. It’s a worthwhile process because Texas native pecans are prized around the world for their rich, full flavor. Soaking releases this wonderful flavor so that you get the best taste and the best nutrition from each delicious pecan.